HF Dipoles TFD Series of Wideband

tfd-series-of-wideband-hf-dipolesThe TFD series of simple wideband folded dipoles has been developed for a wide range of applications and situations. Based around the TFDBB 250 watt antenna the series includes higher power, economy and banded versions. The economy and banded versions are for where space is at a premium and frequencies below x MHz are not required.

Designed for use with modern VSWR sensitive transceivers, the TFD series features excellent VSWR across the operational frequency range and rapidly increasing efficiency from 5MHz upwards.

  • Bandwidth 2.5-30MHz
  • Power handling up to 1kW
  • Simple to install
  • Heavy duty and lightweight / economy versions available
  • Wide range of accessories
Model NumberFrequency Range MHzPower Rating (PEP)Overall LengthCable Assembly IncludedNett Weight KG (Approx)
TFDBB2.5 - 30250W30mY12
TFDBB / 4002.5 - 30400W30mY15
TFDBB / 1K2.5 - 301 kW30mY24
TFDBB/LC2.5 - 30250W30mN6
TFDBBE2.5 - 30250W28.5mN5
/A5.5 - 30250W18.5mY12
/B7.5 - 30250W13.5mY12
/C10 - 30250W10mY12
/A5.5 - 30250W18.5mN6
/B7.5 - 30250W13.5mN6
/C10 - 30250W10mN6