Loop Antenna Fixed NVIS

fixed-nvis-loop-antenna fixed-nvis-loop-antenna1Operating both NVIS and long distance sky wave.

As well as the compact mobile HF loop, two versions of fixed station loop antennas are also available, which operate on both NVIS and long distance sky-wave propagation modes across 3-30MHz.

The two versions are a wire element loop with 3m sides, and a solid element loop with 2.5m sides, each offering similar high efficiency. These are ideal for use where space is limited, and rival the performance of much larger wideband HF wire antennas.

Like the mobile loop, the fixed station loop is capable of automatically tuning across its frequency range in less than a 50th of a second. It is compatible with virtually any HF transceiver including frequency hopping types without the need for a separate control.

TX Power Input Range1.5-200 Watts PEP
Continuous TX CW/Data Power80W
Number of operating channelsUnlimited
Non-Volatile Channel Memory Addresses170 (165 TX, 5 RX)
Input Impedance Range50 ohms
VSWRTypically less than 2:1 when tuned, (3:1 max)
DC Operating Range+10.0V to 18.5V DC, (+13.8 V DC nominal) 24V DC nominal also available on request
DC Current900 mA average
Initial tuning response time (initial memory setting only)2 - 20 sec per channel
Recurrent tuning response time (on-air use inc. freq hopping)Typically less than 10 ms per channel
Operational Temperature-35° to +70°C
Control CableStandard 50 ohn coaxial cable plus DC feed 3m in length