PA2 Aluminium Sectional Masts for the Air Cadets

Mike Whitmarsh Fg Off RAFAC Training Officer has written a few sentences explaining how the masts will be used: “1350 (Fareham & District) Squadron Air Training Corps recently received a donation from a local aerospace company, which is being used to purchase additional radio equipment, masts, and to service our existing radios. The aim is to teach cadets to set up, tune and operate HF dipoles and VHF antennas at our Squadron HQ and from other temporary ‘deployed’ locations. Currently we mainly use handheld and vehicle mobile sets, so having the masts to use is a step up in the training and capabilities that we can deliver.

The support from Astel Comms means that we now have PA2 sectional mast kits, which will be used as two seperate 6 metre masts or as one larger mast. On a recent (rather wet) radio training weekend, we delivered radio operator training for a number of cadets and used the Astel Comms masts to show how to set up and tune a dipole antenna for 5MHz. The antenna was then used to take part in the Air Cadet radio Exercise BLUE HAM ( We are also building quarter-wave ground plane antennas tuned to the Air Cadet VHF frequencies, which will enable us to use the masts to improve local comms and links to other local Squadrons.”

The PA2 Aluminium Sectional Mast Series are lightweight, quick to deploy, easily transportable, and can withstand the toughest of conditions. They are perfect for lighter head-loads.

More information for the PA2 Aluminium Masts click HERE