ASTEL Communications

ASTEL Communications was established in 1992 and specialised in importing and distributing antennas, masts and accessories for radio communication systems, both military and civilian. Today, ASTEL Communications is recognised as one of the most comprehensive and professional suppliers of these products on the French market and in French speaking countries.

Since 2003, ASTEL Communications has been a member of the SMC group. The very nature of communications and its rapidly advancing technology dictates the same commitment ASTEL has to quality as it does to substantial investment in the future of the industry.

NVIS Loop Antenna Models – Astel Comms offer both Mobile and Fixed NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) Antennas.

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Telescopic Masts – Astel Comms design and manufacture high quality and durable sectional, fixed & telescopic masts with heights up to 60 metres.

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Radio Systems – The award winning SMC Gateway is a versatile appliance that enables you to increase the functionality of your radio system, and other communication devices.

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Antenna Systems

Astel design and manufacture highly efficient and reliable Antenna Systems

Antenna Systems

Astel design and manufacture highly efficient and reliable HF Antennas, MF Antennas, VHF Antennas, and Microwave Antennas. All of our antennas are designed and manufactured in the UK and are renowned to be high in quality and performance; responsive in the most challenging environments.  More information CLICK HERE

Some of Astel’s range of high level products……

Pan & Tilt Positioner

SMC Group designs and manufactures bespoke pan and tilt positioners for both military and commercial applications…READ MORE


Using the SMC designed Quick Clamp Collar, the SWIFT series of push up and telescopic pneumatic masts have been designed to be lightweight & economical…READ MORE

GRP Push-up
Telescopic Mast

Strong, lightweight, GRP construction; Maintenance free; Special non-slip torsional locking collars…READ MORE

Trolley Tripod

Man moveable tripod system, avoids the need to carry heavy equipment…READ MORE