BR Telescopic Masts Series

br-telescopic-masts-series2The BR Mast Series of the Pneumatic Telescopic Masts (Hilomast) range are specifically designed to meet the particular needs of the ENG vehicle market; it includes 6 standard configurations. Whilst designed for the ENG market, the BR Mast series are also perfectly advantageous for applications where high head-loads are required or where maximum directional stability is necessary.

The BR25 and BR30 models have 6” base tubes whilst the BR42/BR48/BR52/BR56 models have a base diameter of 9” all of which are pneumatically operated by custom built air compressors.

These masts do not have locking collars but have specialist engaging torque screws fitted into each of the collars to resist the torsional loads when the masts are fully extended.

Standard Features:

  • The use of highly accurate drawn aluminium tube ensures optimum seal performance and minimum leakage.
  • A full length keyway machined in each of the extending tubes prevents relative rotation between them, the key in this keyway will break before any damage is done to the tube section of the mast, in the event of excessive torsional load.
  • Operation over a wide temperature range -22°F – 122°F (-5.55°C –  50°C).
  • Low Pressure (14-16 p.s.i) operation, to minimise leakage and seal failure.
  • Drain holes to eject water and minimise damage to ice formation.
  • Clear anodised tubes and collars painted any colour.
  • Maganetic switch to warn of incomplete retraction.
  • Non rotating base plate and roof installation kit.

MastBR 25BR 30BR42BR48BR52BR56
Height Extended (Feet)253042485256
Height Retracted (Feet)677.
Number of Sections669898
Diameter of Top Section (Inches)3.53.54444
Vertical Headload(lbs)150150250200255200
Max Wind Speed Unguyed (mph)9174.562.6564549
Max Wind Speed Guyed (mph)------
Top Guy Ref. Number------
Basic Weight of Mast (lbs)110120240280300315