FM Lighting Mast Series

fm-lighting-mast-seriesThe FM Lighting Mast Series of the Pneumatic Telescopic Hilomast range is designed perfectly for floodlight use.

One of the main problems with floodlighting masts is the electric cable having to safely travel the full length of the extended mast, and be conveniently stored when retracted. The FM mast series solves both these problems in a neat and practical way by using a coiled cable inside the mast.

The coiled cable enters the mast through a special gland in the base and extends inside the mast to the top where it exits into a junction box for lighting connections. The memory in the cable allows it to extend and retract with the mast.

Coupled with the obvious advantages of a pneumatic telescopic mast the ‘FM’ System is one of the market leaders in this field.

There are three standard models in this series, all with a base diameter of 115mm. Each has an inner cable with four cores of 2.5mm/sq., and are complete with a rain shield, rotation handles, pressure relief valve and mast extension warning switch.

Mounting is with side mounting brackets NSM/115, or Vehicle Roof Installation Kit NRB/115. Extension is by compressor or foot pump. As these masts are usually used in situations of short duration, they do not have locking collars or top guys as standard, but are available if required.

MastHeight ExtendedHeight RetractedNumber of TubesTop Tube DiameterVertical Head LoadMaximum WindspeedWith Top GuysMast Weight