Mast Installations

SMC specialises in vehicle installations. We take pride in tailoring our services for each customer’s personal requirements. We can install our masts through the roof or on a sliding roof carriage that is mounted on top of the vehicle. Typical vehicles which have this kind of installation are 4×4 and vans. However we can fit our masts to almost anything, even lorry cabins and containers.

Not only do we fit the mast, but we offer our skills of interior design and fitment, creating a work space and suitable facilities within the vehicle at the customers preference. Our interior fitments can range from a simple power inverter and split charger to a full installation of the following:

  • Split charger
  • Auxiliary battery
  • Power inverter to invert 12V to mains
  • Mains sockets
  • Cigarette lighter socket
  • Voltmeter for Aux. power
  • Interior Lighting
  • Desking and seating
  • Suitable work surfacing

If would like some more information on getting an installation on your vehicle or would like to speak to someone about your requirements please contact our sales team who can advise you appropriately.

Toyota Landcruiser – Sliding Roof Carriage installation

This vehicle installation features an NL22 pneumatic Hilomast which is erected using a NC3/12 12V DC compressor. In this case the NL22 mast requires a top guy assembly to steady the mast during use. These can be easily used with grounding stakes. Not only does this offer directional stability of the mast but provides a steady platform for your head-load. As seen, the mast system is mounted onto a sliding roof carriage. The carriage slides rearwards and the mast is then tilted and clamped into the vertical position. A vehicle stabilising beam stabilises the vehicle when the mast is deployed and provides a safe base. Here a mast cover is used to protect the mast during transportion and storage.

Toyota Landcruiser – Sliding Roof Carriage installation

This vehicle installation features an NX25 mast which is pneumatically operated by a 12V DC NC3/12 compressor (largest in the Hilomast range), offering a fully extended height of 25m. The full system fits onto a sliding roof carriage which is mounted to the roof of the vehicle, making it a simple task to slide the mast back into position ready for deployment. Also featured in this installation are double mast steps, giving a firm step to stand on whilst fitting the equipment to the top of the mast or for locking off the collars during retraction. The mast rotation handle aids movement of the mast. The installation features the essential wind down jacks which prevent rear suspension compression and movement. A standard mast cover is provided to cover the mast during transport or storage. At the owners request spot lights and orange safety lights are also fitted to the roof rack.

Landrover Discovery – Through the roof installation

This through the roof installation positions the mast suitably inside the vehicle, using upper and lower Vehicle Roof Installation Kit to create a weatherproof shield that clamps to the mast. In this case the customer required a special 8m mast with a retracted height of 1.73m along with an NC2 12V compressor with remote control. Other items installed here are a waterproof mast cover, mast extension alarm and rotation handles. The interior fit consisted of replacing the seats with a non-slip workbench, complete with equipment straps, anchors and fittings. We supplied and fitted a power inverter with voltmeter, a 240V/12V battery charger and installed 12V supply sockets and interior fluorescent lights.

Mercedes Vito – Sliding Roof Carriage installation

Fitted to this Mercedes is a sliding roof carriage holding a NL22 telescopic Hilomast. When deployed it provides a max height of 22m. The NL22 is a guyed mast, requiring a top guying assembly to give directional support to the top of the mast. Seen above is a red guying bar, for attaching one of the top guys in place. As recommend a 12V DC NC2/12 compressor is being used offering an extension rate of approximately 4.8m per minute. Cable guides are in place to guide cables vertically to the top, where a 2″ dia flange spigot can be found. Single and double climbing steps are in place for use when retracting the mast or fitting equipment onto the spigot.

Mercedes Vito – Through the roof installation

This through the roof installation consists of an NL8 Hilomast with an NC2/12V compressor, using Vehicle Roof Installation Kit to create a strong weatherproof seal where the mast enters the vehicle. This specific installation included a mast rotation wheel so the mast can be easily rotated whilst inside the van. We also included a mast cover and magnetic safety switch. A power inverter and split charger were installed along with supply sockets and work surface.

LDV – Sliding Roof Carriage installation

To this vehicle we installed an NX25 mast with a sliding roof carriage. The appropriate NC3/12 12V DC compressor was used to fully extend the mast to its max height of 25m. This installation featured a stabilising beam, cable guides, mast cover, double mast steps and the essential top guy assembly for prolonged use and windy weather conditions.