Alarm Handler

hexanThe Astel-Comms Gateway Alarm Handler connects to any alarm system, be it fire, intruder, nurse call or other system via RS232/hard wired input, enabling communication to digital radio networks, SMS messaging and email.

Alarm Handler is one of the many interconnected applications common to the SMC gateway, which work together to provide flexible custom solutions.

Further options include location tracking and Telephone interconnect.


  • installationsFlexible built-in options to customise actions and messages based on alarm input status
  • Intelligent interpretation of alarm output allows only the required data to be communicated i.e. Alarm type, time, room number, etc.
  • Direct connection to Hytera MD655 mobile radios
  • Direct connection to Mototrbo mobile radios (USB)
  • Direct connection to Hytera repeaters (IP/LAN)
  • Email via internet or local server (SMTP)

Uses include:

  • False alarm prevention. Allows alarms to be investigated before sounding to prevent unnecessary evacuation.
  • Remote monitoring of un-staffed buildings
  • Replacement for legacy pager systems over DMR

alarm-handler alarm-handler1
Example of usage :

  • Connecting any type of alarm system, including intruder and fire alarms, to radio systems. When an alarm, pre-alarm or fault is initiated, the Gateway can send a text message, email or voice message to the radio system, allowing staff to proactively react prior to the alarm sounding.
  • Integration into artwork monitoring system allows security to check on pre alarms before the full alarm sounds.