gateway1Livetrack is a fully-featured and versatile stand-alone solution, totally browser based, with no need for any installation or bespoke software.

It provides all the means required to track and control DMR-based mobile, portable and fixed terminals.

This is one of many interconnected applications common to the SMC gateway, which work together to provide flexible custom solutions.


  • Real Time GPS tracking
  • Custom mapping
  • Off-line mapping
  • Platform agnostic (web application)
  • Call logging
  • Short-term history, up to 10,000 logged events
  • Reporting of stored events
  • Geofencing


Uses include

  • Safety of Personnel and Assets from real-time location and status assessment
  • Route and time management
  • Maintenance monitoring
  • Alarm reporting
  • Email communication
  • Text messagesgateway3