Lone Worker

cologne_germany_industrial-work-with-personal-protective-equipment-04Lone Worker Monitoring is a customisable application built using the SMC Gateway that will automatically check the wellbeing of radio users when they need it the most.

Users can simply activate Lone Worker Mode and set check-up intervals, allowing the SMC Gateway to monitor them.

The Lone Worker application is a cost effective solution that will save time and money without jeopardising workplace safety. The application will benefit even the smallest of organisations.

All applications built with the SMC Gateway can be easily edited to suit your needs.

Ensuring the safety of your workforce when they need it the most!

> Automated safety checks at preset intervals
> Escalation
> Alerts to multiple devices
> Integrate a number of communication systems

> GPS/Area activation
> Time activated
> Safe areas
> Man down

The SMC Gateway, improving health and safety procedures around the workplace.

If a user fails to respond to an automated “Alive Check”, in a preset time interval, an emergency procedure will be triggered and relevant people alerted, without delay.


The SMC Gateway will automatically send “Alive Check” messages and if no response is received, escalate accordingly.


Automatically activate Lone Worker at a preset time, for example, at the start of a shift.

hazardous-environmentHAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENT
Monitor groups or individuals when they need it the most.

emergency-alertEMERGENCY ALERT
Utilise the emergency button on a radio to trigger an alert/procedure. Additional information can be sent to relevant people to enhance response times.

location-activationLOCATION ACTIVATION
A device can be prompted when entering/leaving a specific area, to activate or de-activate Lone Worker mode.

monitor-on-the-goMONITOR ON THE GO
Monitor Lone Workers on a computer or mobile device, anywhere in the world.

lone-worker-monitoringAutonomous lone worker monitoring system, controlled by radio with alert and alarm/escalation to other radio users..