The Hytera DMR Tier 2 task dispatcher is a multi-operator, browser based application for use with work order enabled Hytera radios such as the PD785 and PD985.


  • Unlimited web application operators
  • Unlimited radio users
  • Simple to use for operators and radio users
  • Department and operator level access control
  • Work orders have a concise title and a large text field for details
  • Warnings if a work order does not reach the intended radio in good time
  • Graphical reports and CSV export showing tasks and statistics by operators and/or radio
  • Outbox stores work orders and deliver’s them as soon as radio becomes available/in range
  • Completed work orders are removed from the radio devices automatically
  • Full audit trail
  • Automatic data backups to local storage or network storage
  • Third-party integration for automated task creation, e.g. Fire alarm fault, BMS alert, legacy inbound pager message, email, SMS text message.

TaskZ utilises Hytera’s work order system to dispatch and action tasks. With a high level of customisation you are able to create and fine tune your devices, statuses and users to suit your needs. Backed by an in-depth audit log and a powerful reporting tool you are able to see how your users are using the application and get a feel for how long each user takes to complete their tasks.