22/01/20 – SMC Gateway launch TaskZ

Discover the SMC Gateway TaskZ, our “off-the-shelf” package which makes sending work orders to a Hytera radio system simple and time efficient. 

Using an intuitive web-based application, the operator is able to send tasks that are received through the work orders menu on the radio.  The system enables a full audit trail and the reporting section allows all task activity and statistics to be reviewed, and exported if needed.

The colour coded screen lets the operator instantly know where the radio users are with any task and lets radio users send updates back to the operator. 

The possibilities for TaskZ are endless.  Hotels to task housekeeping, power plants to task operators, hospitals to task porters, festivals to task security, actually wherever staff are working remotely, there is a need to manage and report on jobs.

With the ability to have endless operators and endless radios, TaskZ really is cost effective way for you and your staff to perform better, provide better customer service and get the job done.

For more information and download the TaskZ spec sheet CLICK HERE